Site Updates - v1.1.34 Released!

5 minute read

Major Self-Service enhancements and a couple minor bug fixes. Also learn how to create a new season and how to add officers to your league.

Upload Scores Directly From BullseyeMatch.app

1 minute read

I’m thrilled to announce our latest integration with BullseyeMatch.app to make the lives of our shooters and team captains easier. Users can now upload their...

How to Update Your League’s Settings

less than 1 minute read

Several leagues reached out and asked if I could make a ‘public’ page available so shooters wouldn’t have to log-in to see details like the league schedule o...

Limited Public League Pages

1 minute read

To date all league configurations and settings have been set up by me personally. Big surprise, this isn’t a scalable or time-efficient process. In order to ...

Manual Decisions and Dummy Scores

2 minute read

BullseyeTracker now fully supports manual match outcomes (ties and forfeits), and also provides a ‘Dummy Score’ system for leagues which leverage that. Click...

A Guided Tour of BullseyeTracker.com

less than 1 minute read

Click through to learn about how shooters in your bullseye and precision pistol league can take advantage of BullseyeTracker.com: Review Recent Match Results...