Upload Scores Directly From BullseyeMatch.app

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Now that most of our leagues have switched over to a postal format, we’ve all had to figure out ways to call our matches on our own. One of my favorite mobile apps for this is BullseyeMatch.

The interface for calling the match is the simplest I’ve seen, it supports several match formats, and the audio is loud and clear from my phone. The app also features a handy target scoring calculator - which you can now use to upload your scores (for both practices and matches) directly to BullseyeTracker.

Benefits to Shooters

One-Click Scoring - no more writing up emails or navigating to BullseyeTracker to enter scores by hand.

  • No need to write your scores in an email to your team captain
  • No need to type your scores into BulleyeTracker manually on your phone (or computer when you get home)

Benefits to Captains/Scorers

If your team is sending emails to you with their scores, BullseyeTracker will do that for them and they’ll be easier to manage.

  • The emails are always from the same email address (easy to find)
  • The emails will always be in the same format (easy to read)
  • The emails will include a link to the match (one click navigation to the match)

Coming Soon: BullseyeTracker will include a one-click-link which will automatically save the scores for you (so you won’t have to type the scores into the app from the email)

To get set up

Follow the steps in this quick how-to video