Manual Decisions and Dummy Scores

2 minute read


BullseyeTracker is introducing two new features when determining the outcomes of league matches:

  • Manual Decisions (Ties, and Forfeits)
  • Dummy Scores

Manual Decisions

When scoring a match, BullseyeTracker previously had no way to determine who won match when both teams had the same score with the same number of Xs. Similarly, if a team forfeited a match, there was no way to capture that detail in the app. Today we’ve rolled out support for both of these scenarios.

Ties work as you would expect. In the event of a complete tie, the app instructs captains to use a new “manual decision” tool to decide the winner (according to your league’s rules). Once that manual decision is captured, BullseyeTracker treats it as any other match.

Forfeits work similarly. If a team needs to forfeit a match for any reason, Captains can use the new “manual decision” tool to note that and choose the winning team. Once that manual decision is captured, BullseyeTracker treats it as any other match with two exceptions:

  • While the winning team and the forfeiting team will record a win/loss respectively, any scores captured for a forfeited match will not count towards team averages (win/loss counts determine team standings, and the team averages are a tie-breaker in the event teams have the same record at the end of a season).
  • Scores captured for a forfeited match will not count towards individual averages. They will be excluded from handicap calculations and any individual stats driving individual rankings, etc. This quick video gives a great overview of how these new features look in the app:

Dummy Scores

Every league has a number of scores that “make the team” at the end of a match. Until now, BullseyeTracker required every team to have at least this number of shooters at a match for it to be valid. However, some leagues use a “dummy score” system to give some flexibility to this rule.

The dummy score system identifies a team with fewer than the required number of scores, takes the lowest score(s) of the match, applies an adjustment to them (say -5 points), and adds those to the team’s score (without Xs) to make up the difference.

As an example, say a league has 4 scores which “make the team,” allows one dummy score, and applies an adjustment of 5 points to that dummy score. A team with only 3 shooters can now participate in the match (while a team of 2 still cannot).

This feature is optional, so only leagues who opt-in will see this in action.

For some more information and a glimpse into how it looks in the app, take a look at this video: