Limited Public League Pages

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Several leagues reached out and asked if I could make a “public” page available so shooters wouldn’t have to log-in to see details like the league schedule or current team standings. I had been hesitant to make information about leagues publicly accessible, but given it was requested several times I decided to give leagues the option to turn this feature on. A public league page will include:

  • Current Team Standings for each division
  • Match Schedules for each division
  • An about page which is written by league officers
  • League contact details defined by league officers


What is a Public League Page?

A public league page is a page on which is viewable without being signed-in and shows basic information about a league. It displays only the League’s name, current team standings, an about section, and league contact details that have been entered by the league officers.

This page will be accessible to the public, and can be found through a search engine.

There will be no change in how we handle private information. No personal information about shooters will be on this page. No details about match results, individual shooter standings, individual shooters, etc will be on the public page. Those details will continue to be hidden from search engines.

Public pages are optional and league officers determine whether their league has one or not.

Will BullseyeTracker force leagues to have a public page?

No. League Officers have complete control over whether the league has a publicly accessible page.

Will BullseyeTracker include shooters’ names or other personal details on a league’s public page?

No. BullseyeTracker will not include Individual shooters’ information on a league’s public page. BullseyeTracker will simply display team standings, league schedules, league email/phone number, and details entered by League Officers in an “about” section.