Site Updates - v1.1.35 Released!

1 minute read

Release Overview (1.1.35-beta)

Improved User Experience with Matches, Including an important improvement for Postal Leagues.

This release also includes a quick follow-up to the self service features in release 34.

New Feature

Opposing Team Scores Can Be Hidden

Create New Season Action For Postal leagues whose teams enter scores throughout the week, there was an incentive to wait for the other team to enter their scores so you’d know what you need to shoot for.

Now leagues have the option to hide opposing teams scores, eliminating any advantage gained from waiting for the other team to enter their scores.

In unlocked matches, users can only see scores captured for their own team.

Scores for other teams will become visible to all shooters in the league once the match is locked.

If you’d like this option turned on for your league, please reach out!

Minor Enhancements

  • League Admins can now Edit the officers associated with a season (in addition to Adding them)
  • The match page will now opens to your team’s tab by default (if your team is in the match)
  • The Division Officer list is hidden from the user if:
    • The league only has one division
    • The league has more than one division, but no division officers have been assigned and the user does not have permission to create division officers

Bugs Fixed

  • When locking a match, if the “lock” button was double clicked by a league officer, the match scores and signatures would be cleared out and the match would have to be re-signed and locked by both captains.