Site Updates - v1.1.40 Released!

1 minute read

Release Overview

This release focused on Data Export and Weekly Stats, specifically: introducing new stats, including more details in the PDF export, supporting export to CSV, and also supporting the export of Roster details (for those with appropriate privileges).

New Features & UX Improvements

  • Users with export privileges can now export the League’s weekly stats to CSV in addition to PDF
  • The Weekly stats PDF now includes the match PDFs for that week - so each match in the league can be easily sent out in one document.
  • Each Shooter’s top score to-date is now included as a weekly stat. This list is sortable in the site, and is also included in both the PDF and CSV exports.
  • League/Team officers can now export the contact details for their Division/Team rosters.
  • When managing Schedule (adding or deleting matches), the user is brought directly back to the schedule tab - simplifying the scheduling experience.

Minor Change in “Contacting us”

Over the last year or so, the amount of spam email I’ve received through the page’s contact form has grown dramatically to dozens a day. At the same time the sight has improved and the number of questions I receive from users has dropped to almost none - just 1 in the last 4 months.

For this reason, I’ve decided to remove the “contact” form from BullseyeTracker. Instead, the contact page now directs users to email their team captains or league officers for support or questions. Those folks can then reach out to me directly.

Of course I’m still available directly via email and that email address is still listed in the site’s Privacy Policy.

Bugs Fixed

  • The bug preventing new seasons from being created when not copying the previous season’s schedule has been resolved.