Site Updates - v1.1.36 Released!

1 minute read

Release Overview (1.1.36-beta)

Release 1.1.36 fixes a couple minor bugs, improves the user experience, and brings in one new feature for leagues using the Drop Point Handicap system.

New Feature

Leagues using the drop point handicap system can now choose to have all shooters start with the same default average at the start of each season. When creating the season, simply toggle on “Reset End of Season Averages.” Reset End of Season Averages

This toggle will only impact how BullseyeTracker interprets shooters’ averages for the purpose their handicaps. When navigating to previous seasons, each shooters’ average will be accurately reflected for that season.

Minor Enhancements

  • Removed the “My Scores” and “My Dashboard” tabs from the team page.
    • These details are already found on every competitor’s stats page so they’re redundant here.
    • Click on competitor’s name from team or weekly stats pages to get to a competitors stats page.

Bugs Fixed

  • Users with the appropriate privileges couldn’t lock a season if the season end date was in the future (even if all matches were locked). Now the user can lock the season but is presented with a warning.
  • League Administrators (defined on the league settings page) were brought to the last season they were present on the roster when navigating to the league from their home page. League Admins will now be brought to the league’s latest season, regardless of when they were last on the roster.