COVID League Support - Part 3

less than 1 minute read

This latest release adds support for Single-Team-Leagues.

With many Leagues deciding to go on hiatus until things wind down, some clubs have decided to keep shooting postal “matches” to keep their teams fresh. This is an awesome idea, and I wanted to make sure those teams could use BullseyeTracker to get the most out of their practice.

If your club is shooting, or wants to shoot, mock matches in prep for next season, you can now use BullseyeTracker to put together a schedule, score matches, keep track of team and shooter stats, log individual (non-match) practice scores, etc.

Everything BullseyeTracker offers Team v. Team leagues will be available - the only difference is that matches will only have one team (yours).

If you’d like to give BullseyeTracker a try with your club (or league for that matter), just let me know through the registration page.

Happy shooting, and stay safe!