COVID League Support - Part 2

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This week’s change is an easy one. With leagues moving to postal formats, I received requests for captains and officers to have a “nudge” option that prompts folks to get their scores in and finalized.

Today I rolled out the simplest approach I could think of. In the “action” menu of your matches captains will now see an option called “Send Reminders” which will send an email reminder, containing a link directly to the match, to everyone who is able to edit and sign-off on the match (except you, of course).

Take a look below for where to find the new “nudge.”

A New 'Send Reminders' Option
A New ‘Send Reminders’ Option

As always, please let me know your feedback! If this doesn’t work for you for some reason, I want to hear about it so I can fix it.

For those shooting their first matches this week, best of luck and happy shooting!