COVID League Support - Part 1

2 minute read

This Year’s Different

Because of COVID every Bullseye League I’ve spoken with had to cut their season short and cancel their banquets last year. As a shooter this was a huge bummer - especially missing the banquet (my favorite night of the season and a chance for all of us to get together in one place and celebrate each other’s accomplishments). It was a real shame, but with autumn upon us it’s time to look forward to this next season.

Unfortunately, the consensus across leagues seems to be that if this season doesn’t happen, their league will likely dissolve. To keep that from happening, leagues are doing their best to switch to some form of postal format. This can be a big and disruptive change. It means we need to trust each other more and additional work for captains, division officers, and statisticians.

To help make it as easy as possible for leagues to adapt (and hopefully stay active), I’ll be rolling out features to BullseyeTracker which will make the transition as easy as possible by reducing the burden on league volunteers.

Today’s First Step

As of today, leagues can choose to allow every Shooter to add and update their own scores in any un-locked match from the range or at home. With even a small percentage of shooters entering their scores directly, the work load (and potential for error) with managing scores through email/snail mail will be dramatically reduced for captains and officers.

The power to review/audit match scores, calculate results, sign off on them, and ultimately lock the match will remain with Captains and Officers exclusively.

What This Looks Like

With this new feature enabled, when a shooter navigates to their weekly match they will see exactly what they used to - with one exception. Under their team’s tab, their entry will have a pencil icon next to it which will allow them to edit and save their scores.

Score Update Access for Shooters
Shooters will have the ability to edit their own scores right from the range.

When all scores are captured for the week, team captains will review, sign, and lock the match as they usually would.

What’s Next

Empowering Shooters to enter their scores directly into BullseyeTracker is only part of the equation. Most leagues are asking shooters to email their scores _and photos of their targets_ to a captain or league officer for review and data entry.

In the next couple weeks I’ll be doing my best to add the ability for Shooters, Team Captains, and League Officers to attach photos of targets directly into BullseyeTracker. My hope is that this will help in two main ways:

  • Shooters will be able to review the targets for their league’s matches - which will dramatically improve the visibility and trust in results across the League.
  • Digging through emails and spam folders is annoying and time consuming for the folks compiling the scores. By adding this feature I’m hoping to eliminate the need for dealing with emails (for both shooters and officers). Scoring should be about scoring - not administrative grunt work.

If your league isn’t using BullseyeTracker, and you think it will help, send me your league’s info through the registration page and I’ll get back to you ASAP (usually the same day).