Site Update - v1.1.4 Released!

4 minute read

Release Intro

With the summer wrapping up and the beginning of the season just around the corner, we’re making a big push to include as much functionality as possible so we can get off to a great start. This is by far our largest feature release to-date.

The biggest aspect of the tool that has been missing so far is robust league management. So, with the introduction of v1.1.4, we’re introducing three new capabilities: Team Roster Management, Match Rescheduling, and Automated Handicap Calculations.

Each of these capabilities is permissions-based, so most users won’t see a change in their experience. However, if you’re a captain or an officer in your league, keep an eye our for an “action” button in the bottom right the match, team, and league pages. Just hover over it (or long press on mobile) and see what actions are available!

Team Roster Management

Until recently if a new shooter came along mid-season, team captains would have to reach out to us directly to add them to the team – just so scores could be captured. This is obviously NOT a great experience.

Today, team captains will see an “action” button in the bottom right of their Team’s page. Hover over that button and you’ll see an option to “Add Shooters to Roster.”

Quick How-To

  • Navigate to your team and hover over the “Action” button in the bottom right.
  • To add a shooter, click on the “Add Shooters to Roster” option and you’ll be presented with a full list of shooters from your team’s history (minus the folks already on the roster of course).
  • Find the folks you want to add with the quick search (or just scroll), and check the box next to the folks you want to add.
  • If you don’t see the shooter you’re looking for, or if it’s a brand new shooter, just click the blue “plus” button on the bottom left of the page and fill in their details.
  • Once you’ve selected and added everyone, press “Add Shooters to Roster”

BullseyeTracker will then automatically add existing shooters to this season’s roster, and any new shooters will be added to your team. Scores for new shooters can be recorded straight away, and the new shooter will receive an email to set up their password to access BullseyeTracker.

Match Rescheduling

Rescheduling a match was another task that folks had to reach out to our team to accomplish last season. Now, anyone with the appropriate permission can do this themselves.

Quick How-To

  • Navigate to the match that needs to be rescheduled and hover over the “Action” button in the bottom right.
  • To reschedule the match, select “Re-Schedule Match” option and you’ll be presented with a simple form to capture the new date and time of the match.
  • Provide the new details and click “Save”

BullseyeTracker will then automatically reschedule the match. The new details will be reflected in each user’s “Home” page under “upcoming matches” as well as on the team and league pages under the Schedule tab.

League shooters will not be automatically notified of the change by email. We are, however, working on creating calendar feeds that will integration with tools like outlook and google calendar to keep everyone up-to-date with the latest schedule.

Automated Handicap Calculations

By far the most complicated new feature is the ability to automatically calculate the league’s handicaps. BullseyeTracker’s Handicap algorithm is geared towards enabling all shooters the opportunity to “make the team” on nights when they’re shooting their best. This algorithm is sufficiently complicated that it warrants it’s own post – which I’ll write up soon.

While the calculations themselves are done automatically by BullseyeTracker, scheduling the calculations are not yet supported. That means that, with one exception, handicap calculations must be initiated by a person in the league who has the appropriate permissions. In the case where a previously known shooter is added to the team’s roster later in the season, BullseyeTracker will automatically calculate that shooter’s new handicap (based on their history in the league). This is to ensure that when that shooter participates in a match (likely the same night they were added), there’s no need to wait on a handicap calculation to find out the outcome of the match.

Quick How-To

  • Navigate to your League’s page and select the Division that you want to calculate handicaps for
  • Hover over the action button in the bottom right and select the “Calculate Handicaps” option.
  • Select the shooters you wish to calculate for (everyone, or just the new shooters) and click Next.
    • The “effective date” of the handicap defaults to “today” – since we cannot yet schedule the calculations they have to be done at the time you want them.
  • BullseyeTracker presents the details it will use to base its calculations off of
    • Each team that has at least one shooter that will get a new handicap will be listed. Click in that team will expand the row to show the shooters on that team.
    • If the details presented are correct, Click Next. If they are not, contact the BullseyeTracker team through the contact us page.
  • BullseyeTracker presents the full list of shooters and their new Handicaps. Review this list for accuracy, and click “Save Handicaps”
  • Repeat for all Divisions

BullseyeTracker will automatically save the calculated handicaps that were displayed on the final step of the handicaps wizard. This may take a moment depending on the size of your league.


This is a lot of words! We’ll be putting together product videos which demonstrate each of the features above. Once those are wrapped up I’ll post them separately, and also add them here.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via the contact us page!