Site Update - v1.1.2 Released!

1 minute read

If you’ve noticed some changes in the way BullseyeTracker looks on your phone, it’s because we’ve been toiling away! Welcome to the latest version of BullseyeTracker.

Our latest release had three primary focuses:

  • User Experience improvements on small screens (think small tablets and large phones)
  • Build out the “guts” for automated Handicap Calculations
  • Build out the “guts” for “import” capabilities so Leagues can bring in scores from previous seasons.

Obviously the UX improvements are what you’ll end up noticing most for now. Take a look at your home page (when logged in) and switch between landscape and portrait modes – looks great in both cases right? We were sick of the cluttered look on smaller screens, so we trimmed out the extra details when there just wasn’t enough room.

If you navigate to your next match, you’ll see a similar experience. Additionally, if you’re a captain, you should be able to capture scores for your next match right on your phone!

Finally, take a look at your League’s landing page – you can find this either from your team page (click on your division), or by clicking the hamburger icon in the top left, and selecting your league (it’s under your team). We’ve added a dashboard tab so you can see how your team is trending against others in your league. We find it useful ahead of matches to see where we stack up against the team we’ll be competing against.

For points 2 and 3, stay tuned for our next announcement! League Officers will have a lot more tools in their pocket soon.