Site Update - v1.1.10 Released!

1 minute read

Happy New Year! Over the holidays I was able to make a few updates to the site which I hope you’ll all enjoy.

First up, BullseyeTracker now identifies your Personal Bests (PBs)! PBs are tracked across seven dimensions: Slow Fire Score, Timed Fire Score, Timed Fire X Count, Rapid Fire Score, Rapid Fire X Count, Total X Count, and Total Overall Score.

The best way to see your PBs is to go to your team page and click on your “My Dashboard” tab. On that tab you’ll see a list of PBs – the bolded values correspond to the score that was your best (e.g. if the TF column is bold, then that’s your Timed Fire PB). If you click on the date it will bring you to the match when you shot that those scores. Personal Bests across the whole league are shown in the weekly stats tab on the League page.

Second, on the League page you’ll notice a new tab called “Rules, etc.” This new tab describes how your league has configured BullseyeTracker to work for the season. It is totally dynamic so it will remain up to date automatically if there are changes to your format/config from season to season or division to division.

Other than that, I fixed a couple bugs, and added Handicaps and Team Rankings to the weekly stats page. Check it all out and let me know what you think!