Site Updates - v1.1.33 Released!

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Release Overview (1.1.33-beta)

This release adds a couple new features which improve the experience for Postal Leagues and one which adds flexibility in calculating averages.

New Features

  • When calculating averages for weekly individual stats and end of season awards, Leagues can now optionally drop a shooter’s lowest n scores.
  • Leagues can provide BullseyeTracker Staff access to their league to improve support/help experience.
  • More tightly controlled match authorization
    • roles can be configured to only have ability to update their team’s scores - rather than the scores of both teams in a match.
    • Signatures can be configured at the division level to represent either sign-off on the whole match, or simply sign-off on their team’s scores.

Minor Enhancements

  • When scores need to be re-calculated on a match, they are automatically set to “0 (0)” without having to refresh the match page.

Bug Fixes

  • Typo in the warning banner on the League Page: “Team standings are temporarily inaccurate….”
  • Dummy score tooltips were showing the wrong team in some cases.