New Features and Bug Squashing - v1.1.7.2

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Hello, shooters!

Thank you to everyone who sent in feedback (both positive and negative)! Keep it coming, that’s the only way the site will get better. From all that feedback, I’ve been able to make several improvements to the site over the last week.


  • No more missing scores after pressing “Calculate Results”
  • Mark scores as FRO (For Record Only), or DNF (Did Not Fire/Did Not Finish)
  • Added Weekly Stats to the League Page

Attempted but didn’t make it:

  • Auto-highlight score value on tablet when switching from field to field. It turns out that the obvious fix for this is no longer so obvious with some changes that were recently made to browsers and operating systems (like iOS, Android, Chrome, etc).

So let’s dig into to each of the things that did make it.


First I’ll start with the most alarming realization that came out of last week. After pressing “calculate results” and reviewing the preliminary results, a couple captains found that some scores they entered were missing. Not good.

After digging in a bit, I found that this happened when the user went to edit another shooter’s scores before pressing save on the row they were currently in. When this happened, the changes were never sent to the server and were ultimately lost.

The quickest way to ensure this never happens again is to prevent users from editing rows when one hasn’t been saved. From now on, when you click on the pencil icon of another row before pressing save, you’ll see the message below and the tool will highlight the un-saved row.

Changes must be saved before moving on to the next shooter. A complete score-set is not required to save your changes. On a related note, I’ve gotten feedback from several people that it would be better to be able to edit the full page at once rather than a shooter at a time. This feedback is well taken and well understood, and I’ve already started thinking through how to support this.

The second aspect of the scoring experience that has changed from last week will be the addition of a new field: Special Designation. This allows captains and scorers to mark scores as FRO (For Record Only) or DNF (Did Not Fire, or Did Not Finish). For the purposes of BullseyeTracker:

  • FRO Scores: Can not contribute to the team’s match score (e.g. an FRO shooter can’t “make the team”). FRO scores will contribute to that shooter’s handicaps if your league uses them.
  • DNF Scores: Can not contribute to the team’s match score and will not contribute to that shooter’s handicap.
Captains and Scorers can now record scores with a special designation (FRO or DNF)
Captains and Scorers can now record scores with a special designation (FRO or DNF)

Scores with a special designation are marked by an orange bar to the left of the shooter’s name.

Weekly Stats

Finally, for those of you who want to know how you did compared to the league, I’ve added a “Weekly Stats” tab to the League Page. Right now it will always display the most recent week, but soon you’ll be able to navigate through the full history of the season. There are up to three sub-sections: Weekly 300, Weekly Aggregate, and Individual Standings.

  • Weekly 300 will show the ranked list of 300 scores from that week’s matches across the division.
  • Weekly Aggregate will show a ranked list of total scores for that week’s matches across the division. It will only be displayed if your division shoots more than a 300 match (e.g. if you shoot a 600, this area will show the ranked totals out of 600. if you shoot a 300 match only, then this area will not be displayed).
  • Individual Standings will display shooters in the division ranked by their averages in the as of that week. Averages (both total and x) are displayed as whole numbers but are calculated to several decimal places. Rankings which appear to be “tied” are ranked based on those decimal places. Note: Due to rounding, etc the “total” column will not always be a sum of the scores or Xs from the columns to the left.

If you’re curious about a specific shooter or team, just type the their name or the team’s abbreviation into the search box. This will sort the results across all three areas (so no need to type it in multiple times, just type and click from section to section).

Weekly Stats
Weekly Stats

I think covers all of it! As always if you have any feedback or questions reach out to me via the contact page.